Welcome to the Atec Blog. In this blog I will give you details on two popular, and great products in stores today. These two products consist of Shopify, as well as Woocommerce. I will discuss the benefits of each product. Please review our site weekly for new information and products.

Great Products

Hiring web developers to create an ecommerce store is rapidly changing. Being able to create, and sell items virtually is becoming easier. Two dominant platforms for building an ecommerce store are Shopify and WooCommerce. Both platforms have various features, and positive aspects. One benefit is customizing, and modifing your eCommerce store virtually. Comparatively, both products create ecommerce stores, without assistance from professional web developers.

Shopify is one of the great products out there, best known for it’s design and visual quality. Furthermore, the company Shopify has 54 templates for users. Additionally, each template comprise of variations, and are mobile responsive. These templates were created by professional web designers and developers.

WooCommerce is a plugin that does not offer any design templates. It was developed by “WooThemes” developers, and later acquired by “Automattic”. The company provide resources a user need for selling products, and merchandise. However, the design aspect relies on the WordPress theme.
If you are conscious of the design aspects of Woocommerce, you should consider “StoreFront”.

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