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Basically what started as a nightmare for an employee had a good ending for Walter Carr, 20, a college student residing in Alabama. Carr’s first day at the job, his car broke down. He called few people he knew, but had no assistance getting help. Without assistance it would take Carr 7 hours to get from his house in Homewood, Alabama, to his job at Bellhops moving company. He decided to walk a 20-mile distance, which started from midnight until morning.
Eventually Carr made it 14 miles to Pelham, when he was stopped by police officers around 4am in the morning. The officers asked Carr,”Where are you going?” and he stated, “It’s hard to believe, it’s going to sound real crazy, but I’m actually headed to work.”
After Carr’s story was confirmed by the officers, they took him to breakfast and lunch. Carr stated, “the officers debated for a few minutes, on a safe location to drop him off.”

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After a few hours Carr begin walking again. As soon as he began his 4 mile trip, he was stopped again by another officer. The officer asked,”Are you Walter Carr?””Get in the car, I got you.” The officer drove Carr to his destination. The manager was overwhelmed after hearing Carr’story, and insisted that he rested. Completing the moving job, the manager later found out that Carr was a marine. Later that day Carr’s story was shared on Facebook, and many other social media sites.

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